My amazing sighted triathlon guides and I are training extremely hard and chasing sponsorship to afford this Paralympic dream of mine. The equipment and travel required to race and train on the International Paralympic level is extremely expensive, especially because as a blind athlete, you are responsible for TWO people’s expenses- yours and your guides.  This is where you can help.  Please be a part of that finish line that I see in my mind’s eye.  Blindness is NOT an excuse to avoid chasing elite athletics and proudly representing the USA.    You don’t need sight to have vision.

Please Donate NowPlease Donate Now

Title Sponsor: $70,000

Supports one year of Training, race and travel expenses for Amy and her guides as they earn points towards Tokyo 2020 Paralympics


  • 3 in-person events per year on a mutually agreeable date for speeches, signings, and other appearances
  • Company name prominently displayed on Amy’s uniform and all media platforms and web pages
  • Monthly tagging on social media of your support
  • Invitation to come to the Olympic Training Center during one of Amy’s training camps to volunteer or observe blind athletes in training for you, friends and family

No Sight No Limits Sponsor: $25,000

Supports this supports the “No Sight No Limits” Elite Blind Triathlon Camp held each year at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center that Amy serves as founder and head coach at.  15 blind and deaf-blind athletes from all over the United States come each year to learn skills on speed and safety to become the next Paralympic hopeful like Amy.  This camp is the stepping stone for blind athletes to make the next step up to elite racing for Team USA (and France too!)


  • An invitation to join us during Camp No Sight No Limits, where you and a guest can stay ON CAMPUS at the Olympic training center and learn, observe or train alongside the fastest blind athletes in the country!
  • National media exposure: Fox, ABC and NBC along with Triathlete Magazine, San Diego Tribune and more all cover this camp.
  • Name on all correspondence related to camp NSNL.
  • One in person engagement with Amy to come speak to your organization at a mutually agreed upon date and location
  • Change the lives of persons living with blindness across the country, and support the pipeline to Team USA!

World Champion Sponsor: $10,000

Supports Amy and her guide’s preparation for World Championships in Milan.  Amy and her guide will be meeting for several weeks prior to their trek to Italy to get some much needed elevation training prior to their race.  This supports travel for them both and accommodations in Colorado and Italy before the race so they can arrive with enough time to be acclimated and ready to perform at their best, with the hopes of taking home a medal for team USA. 


  • Name prominently displayed on Amy’s uniform and website
  • Access to live stream the race on Triathlon Live TV
  • One in-person event with Amy on a mutually agreed upon date post season
  • Access to come spend a day training with/ observing or getting a tour of the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center
  • Signed framed Race uniform post season

Race Day Supporter: $5000

Supports training and travel expenses for one month of racing and preparation for Amy and her guides.  Everything from sports nutrition to Sports Medicine treatments, travel to races in the United States and abroad, and equipment maintenance.


  • One in-person event with Amy per year at a mutually agreed upon date for signings, speeches, or appearances with your organization
  • Name displayed on Amy and guides uniforms- viewed by hundreds of thousands on Live TV
  • Access to observe one training session at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center

Sports Medicine Sponsor: $2500

Supports one month of sports medicine treatments and nutrition for Amy and guides as they race at the elite level for the USA.  The demands of training are hard on the body and having a rare disease makes it even more challenging, thus requiring a lot of medical intervention and care from Amy’s practitioners.


  • Name prominently displayed on all media platforms- social and web pages
  • Organization’s name on Amy’s uniform
  • A signed gift from Amy and her guide

Fuel the Athlete sponsorship: $1000

Supports one month of sports nutrition and meal delivery for Amy to properly fuel her rigorous daily training. Having a rare disease that involves serious GI problems makes fueling for training exceptionally hard.  Amy takes the guess work out of it by working with a team of nutritionists and chefs that prepare the right food for her body and the type of workouts she needs to accomplish. 


  • Signed Gift from Amy and her triathlon sponsors
  • Tagging on social media/ website

Equipment Booster: $500

Supports Amy goes through a LOT of equipment- bike parts, maintenance, running shoes, and more keep her busy constantly replacing worn items and upgrading to faster better products to get her to the top of her game


  • A personalized signed thank you from Amy
  • Tagging on social media for one post

Friend of Amy: $100

$100 buys two days worth of Uber rides to and from training sessions for Amy in San Diego.  It also can help with one day worth of meals for Amy and her guide when traveling overseas.  This can buy a pair of running shoes, it could help with coaching expenses, and a vast number of other costs that she incurs as a professional triathlete


  • A personalized thank you gift from Amy