I love to write about my adventures traveling the world as a blind woman, finding the humor in hardship and joy in my abilities, not my DISabilities.  #NoSightNoLimits

A False Sense of Security (Excerpt #2 from “Blind Tasting”)

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As the years passed, Dr. Yannuzzi and his team learned more about my disease, adding a second diagnosis to the list, calling it AZOOR, which stands for “Acute, Zonal, Occult, Outer Retinopathy”; basically a long description of a mix of conditions.  I was now one in 5 million, and liking my odds of maintaining some useful vision into adulthood, less and less with each gut-wrenching set of more bad news.  My retina was extremely damaged, and a full-color montage of photographs of the back of my eye painted a very clear, concise picture of the extent of the carnage.  It…

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“Blind Tasting” Memoir preview

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Page 112- Before I had Elvis to  guide me safely through my daily routine, I had a few more than close calls.  When I was initially diagnosed, I fell down the stairs at my old house because I didn’t see my ex-boyfriend’s dog asleep at the top of the flight. After breaking two ribs, I still didn’t slow down much at all for many years, and was usually covered in mysterious bruises from objects that were within striking distance, but outside of my field of extremely centralized vision. Immediately before I got Elvis, I traveled with the horrific white cane…

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